Wednesday, May 29, 2013

we bought a house

we started looking for houses at the end of january of this year. nick's credit was finally good enough to get a loan so we got started immediately! the first house we went to see was a cute ranch style place with a giant living room window, a cute yard, 3 bedrooms and a cavernous garage. we offered about $10k over the asking price but a cash offer was favored on this one. i think there were about 4 more houses that we put in offers for, but they were not quite high enough or there was a cash buyer involved. there were plenty that weren't right for us that we did not offer on as well.

finally we saw this cape-cod-ish-ranch house on a street called emerald and we tried to schedule a showing. we will call it "the emerald house" going forward. at this point it had been two months since our search for a house began. we weren't hearing back from the coordinator at redfin so i told nick to call and find out what was going on. apparently, there were tenants living there and they would only agree to do one open house and that wasn't going to happen for another couple of weeks. we continued looking at other places and saw one that we almost put an offer in on, but we wanted to see the emerald house first. we asked our realtor if we could submit an offer on the almost one and the retract and submit on the emerald one if we ended up liking it. he told us that it was super not cool to do that and that he wouldn't risk his reputation and blah, blah, blah. we didn't know it was super uncool, we were just asking!! sheesh! anyway, we decided that the emerald house was worth waiting for and the other one was too small anyway and we would have needed to build a garage, etc, etc... in other words, it wasn't perfect.

the open house was upon us so we walked over to check it out. the first thing i saw was WALLPAPER EVERYWHERE! also, the tenants were partially moved out and the place was kinda messy/cluttered. but! it had a nice feeling, there was good light coming through the windows, the floors were in good shape, the kitchen was pretty new and it had a RED SINK. check the pics:

sorry they're in a weird order. blogger kind of sucks for letting me re-order the pictures! 

ok, so, this is the house we bought!! we closed on it today and spent two hours ripping the paper off of the wallpaper backing and installing new locks! here are some pictures of the living room with most of the paper pulled off. we're going back in tomorrow to wet and scrape off the backing. 

bonus picture of nick reading the instructions for the new locks!
more later!

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