Friday, February 3, 2012

3 months

ivan is three months old today!

ivan had his first physical therapy appointment for torticollis. we met our awesome therapist named amy. we learned some great stretching exercises for his neck and an outward-facing football hold. amy said that he should be fine in just a couple-few months. his neck will be nice and strong and his flat spot should round out. 

ou our way to the bus stop, the bus pulled up and mateo started running toward it. we were holding hands and i had ivan in the beco on my front. as teo started running i was still walking, i lost my footing and fell forward. i did not land on ivan (thank goodness) but his head did hit the sidewalk. his little snuggly outfit got dirty on the hood where his head hit. i told nick what happened and he said i should call the doctor, so i did. the doctor had me check for injury and he seemed fine so he gave me a list of things to watch for that might indicate a concussion.

ivan likes
  • boobies
  • binkies
  • swaddles
  • fart noises
  • tongues sticking out
  • being entertained by his big brother
  • the changing table art
  • bedroom window and curtains
  • the light on the ceiling in the bedroom
  • the wall (not as much anymore...)
  • looking to his right
  • being snuggled/held
ivan dislikes
  • being hungry
  • dirty diapers
  • looking to his left
  • playing when he's tired
  • playing when he's hungry
  • not being held/snuggled
  • thrush
  • being scared
  • being over stimulated by his big brother

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