Wednesday, January 11, 2012

what i honestly wore wednesday: double dose

first outfit includes a shirt i got from tee fury a couple of years ago. every time i wear it, teo asks me what is going on in the picture and why the gingerbread man is sad. the jeans are from the gap- 1969 perfect boot (i bought these on ebay for $15.95!). they're rolled up like that because they got wet on the bottoms when i was walking teo to school. i don't like stepping on wet pants when i'm walking around the house but they didn't get wet enough to necessitate a wardrobe change. i got another pair of these that are short rather than regular length and they work out better for rainy days. the socks are my faves, chinese laundry! 

this shirt is a nursing top made by tata for now and i bought it from zulily. i can't seem to find a company website for tata for now, but this shirt rules. if you see it come up on zulily, buy it! the pants are old navy sweetheart cords. love 'em. my mom bought those socks for me and i braided my hair in a fishtail braid! so easy to do and looks so awesome!

ok, i think that's it! oh, linking up with pamplemousse1983

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