Friday, December 9, 2011

what i honestly wore friday...

now with outerwear! (linked up with maryam)
i totally missed wednesday. i thought about it after i put my jammies on. one nice thing about getting up every morning to take the big munchkin to school is that it forces me to put on real clothes every day. this was not the case when teo was a baby. i lived in my jammies many days of the week. i'd rather not show my face at my kid's school while wearing pjs so i shower and get dressed every morning. also, when it's 31 degrees outside, most of my pajamas would not be sufficient to keep me warm. i also have to get up to make sure that hubby gets up and is able to bring home that sweet, sweet bacon!

all bundled up!

jacket's off!

commence decompression!

inside clothes

my insulated boots

inside clothes!

on me: coat by roxy, boots by keen, hoodie by russell athletics, pants by horny toad, black shirt from target, orange shirt from f21, scarf and hat knitted by me.

on ivan: carrier by beco, sweater by carters, hat by kik kid, booties by oshkosh, shirt by sweet peanut (from zulily!), pants from target, socks are hand-me-downs.

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