Wednesday, November 23, 2011

what i honestly wore wednesday

here it is! and baby! it's big brother mateo's 6th birthday today so baby and i were in stripes... until he spit up... now he's got a different shirt and i have different pants! i'll post some birthday pics after our celebration dinner. i'm waiting for my groceries to show up so i can make the cream cheese icing and be done with his birthday carrot cake.

my stuff: shirt from target, pants from by horny toad, mocs from payless by airwalk, glasses by via spiga given to me by chloe who won them as part of a lot on ebay.

ivan's stuff: shirt from baby gap, pants from target, socks were from mateo's baby clothes stash.

stats: i'm holding steady at 153 pounds so i've still got 4 pounds to lose until i hit my pre-pregnancy weight. not too shabby for 3 weeks post partum! i think it'll start coming off again when i start walking the 1.5 mile round trip of taking mateo to school again. he's on break right now and school will start back up next monday. i hope the rain clears up by then, but i doubt it... this is the northwest after all!

have a great day :)

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  1. You only have 4 pounds to lose 3 weeks post partum?! You are insanely lucky!!!
    Thanks for linking up!