Wednesday, November 16, 2011

what i honestly wore wednesday

this is what i wore this yesterday, i was too busy to take any pictures today. i also got spit-up on, so i changed into my jammies early today! this is all pre-pregnancy stuff except for the sweater. i bought the sweater at target about 3 weeks ago because it fit over my belly. i wanted to buy something that i could wear after delivery since i was about 34 weeks along at that point and buying a 'maternity' sweater at that point seemed silly. it worked out pretty well since ivan was born a week later! the shirt is also from target, it's like 2-3 years old. the pants are my trusty old size 10 levis from the grocery store. i am so stoked that they fit (and button!) already. it took me about two years to get into size 10 pants after my first pregnancy.

current weight: 153.7
4.7 pounds until pre-pregnancy weight, 20ish pounds to goal weight :)

also... i need a tripod.

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