Monday, August 22, 2011

25 weeks

first of all, belly pictures!

23 weeks :)

24 weeks :)

25 weeks! :)

i think it's fairly obvious that i'm pregnant these days. yay! and i had a birthday! 31! hubs got me a pretty ring since my inherited ones from my grandma are so diamond-y and bling-y and i'm not really a diamond-y and bling-y type of gal. 

a cake from tulip bakery 

mom, dad and teo lighting the candles! 
happy birthday to me and a black forest cake!

well, it's little bling-y, but less diamond-y

in less happy news, we've had a lice breakout in our household and i think it's finally coming under control. i am SO exhausted from all of the cleaning and vacuuming and combing and washing and soaking and waiting and not having a good place to lie down because the pillows are bagged up/in the dryer, etc, etc, etc. the good thing is, my budding nesting instincts are coming in handy. i left no stone unturned when looking for things to wash or vacuum to rid this house of a potential re-infestation. it is tedious and i wish it never happened, but hopefully with the knowledge gained this time around, we can avoid this in the future. bonus, i got to miss work today because i wasn't certain that teo was nit-free so i kept him home for a couple of more comb-outs. 

anyway, the pregnancy is going along swimmingly! we have a centering pregnancy visit this week where i think we will be administered our glucose test drinks and get a tour of the l&d. i plan to get the standard rundown of how they do things there so we can know what we will need to include in our birth plan. 

i have been having more braxton hicks contractions in the last few weeks. i wasn't super sure, but now i am. i need to ask whether i should continue doing what i'm doing when they happen or if i should take it down a notch. like, walking a mile.... should i just keep going if it isn't really bothering me or should i slow my pace? i have also had two instances of abdominal cramping that i was afraid were early labor, but both turned out to be giant poops... :) 

i love being pregnant but i also can't wait to meet this little person in my belly who likes kicking my magazines and keeping me up when i'm trying to catch some zzzz's! i'm excited to know whether baby is a boy or girl! 

ALSO, i want to declare our names as of the moment.... 
drumroll please..................................................

if baby is a girl, her name will be elodie clover
if baby is a boy, his name will be ivan salvador

i initially wanted to go with salvador ivan because it fits the 3-2-1 (first-middle-last) syllable edict that the rest of us have, but i just think ivan salvador flows better. nick agrees, i think. 

to pick our baby's names, we created a spreadsheet in google docs and put all of the names we remotely liked into boy and girl columns. we then secretly voted on a scale from 1 through 5 for each name and picked from the names with the highest numbers of votes. i know we're dorks, but we figured out some names that we both love. 

i still have to do my baby purchases/expenditures/product run-down..... maybe next week? we have gotten some smokin' deals!

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