Thursday, August 4, 2011

22 weeks

look at that belly! :D

i am 22 weeks pregnant this week. woohoo! on monday, two (count 'em TWO) women who know that i'm pregnant told me i do not look pregnant. see above for proof that i look pregnant. one i haven't actually seen in a couple of months and she was almost afraid to ask me how the pregnancy was going because she wasn't sure that i was, in fact, still pregnant. i was offended a little by this! i dunno why... hormones? i was sort of depressed and in a funk the whole day! luckily, my wonderful hubby cheered me up and we talked about baby a lot that night to help me feel happier. 

california rolls, no crabs were harmed but some other random fish were. 

this was dinner tonight. YUM! i made california rolls because it's about the only kind of sushi i will eat (even aside from being advised to avoid raw fish/meat during pregnancy). i also made some onion mushroom soup in an attempt to be all benihana and whatnot. teo wasn't stoked about the selection, but he ate two or so slices and most of the fried onions in his soup. nick wolfed it down like a maniac :) i had my fair share. 

somewhat related, i need to try some of his variations at the end. i can dig the vegan thing (except the no cheese part) when it is done right, like how this guy does it:

rock on, dudes. 

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