Wednesday, July 20, 2011

whoooooooa, we're halfway theeeeere! AAAAAAAHH! livin' on a prayer!

20 WEEKS PREGNANT, PEOPLE! baby is now the size of a banana and has graduated from crown-to-rump measurements to crown-to-heel measurements! the internet says that baby is about 10 inches long and weighs about 10 ounces.

first off, belly pics for weeks 18-20:

18 weeks -- happy fourth!

19 weeks - hi teo! hi tiniest little!

20 weeks! half way there!

aside from my bump getting all huge, we had an ultrasound at 19 weeks! nick and mateo were there and it was pretty awesome. here are the images we took home from that:

the tech found a bright spot on baby's heart but the doctor assured us that it was something that happens in many normal babies, although in the presence of other signs it's considered a soft marker for down syndrome. its technical name echogenic intracardiac focus and of course i got freaked out when i heard that! i have calmed down about it now and the doctor assured us that everything else was completely normal so there really is nothing to worry about.

on a happier note, nick has been able to feel baby's kicks since last sunday! baby got in some pretty strong ones while i was making nick feel my belly. yes, i was having to make him feel my belly! he wasn't really into it because he couldn't feel anything except my pulse and digestive gurgles. now, he's cool with it. :)

what else, what else.... teo got a new loft bed this weekend! he is really stoked about it. it's one of those little guys from IKEA. we threw his spiderman bedding on there and he was set!

i think that's all of our family news... we hit up some awesome portland-y stuff over the last few weeks because there's always something to do in the summer in portland. we have also been slowly but surely buying baby things here and there and planning our co-sleeping haven. and, i finally found some maternity jeans that i love, thank you motherhood maternity!

i think next post will detail some of our more awesome purchases...

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