Monday, July 25, 2011

21 weeks :)

week 21, getting very close to viability! 

look at that belly!

baby is about the size of a carrot this week, although, to me, it seems to be shrinking since it was the size of a banana last week.... puzzling. i have been feeling stronger kicks and i have been getting a little bit swollen in the ankle area if it's a really warm day or if i sit on my computer chair at home for too long.

this weekend, we rode in the downtown sunday parkways and went to jamieson square for some water play time! we also went to our own neighborhood park to visit the splash pad, always a good time.

here are a couple of pictures that nick took:

teo having fun at jamieson square

teo and i resting at wallace park. i tell ya, the whole ride was uphill until that point and i wasn't  really diggin' it! hot day, uphill bike rides are not really a great pregnant lady activity. it wasn't so bad once i got a bunch of ice cold water in me and got to ride downhill the rest of the way!

oh, in pregnancy related news, i have decided to quit eating meat again because our government lets the meat industry get away with so much gnarly stuff that i can't eat it in good conscience or good faith. i worked myself into a hot lather last thursday because i ate a turkey mini sub from a deli without heating it up. i mean, seriously, eating a turkey sandwich during pregnancy should not be dangerous but it is because of how the meat is processed. so i say fuck it, no more. i'm going to eat all of the micro nutrients my heart desires and baby will not be at risk for listeriosis or any other nasty infection that may occur due to the nasty meat that is allowed on the shelves in america. i came home, started some pinto beans soaking and haven't looked back. done.

i don't think anyone reads this blog, but just in case, anyone have any great tips for eating vegetarian while pregnant?

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