Wednesday, June 22, 2011

weekend stuff

this weekend was pretty awesome. mateo's little league closing day fun day was on saturday. the weather sucked (cold and drizzle) but it was a lot of fun anyway! there was a dunk tank, a pie toss, a bean bag toss, races and lots of food! mateo won THREE goldfish in the bean bag toss and a water gun in the raffle. nick left to get a chair and foot rest for me & baby from a lady on craigslist (poang!) and we're going to buy new cushions for the set @ ikea if they ever restock the design i want. (my awesome friend joseph bought the cushion for me at the ikea in virginia, ROCK!) then, we went to starbucks with my parents and nick bought a new modem at best buy and a home for teo's goldfish. then... EL POLLO LOCO!

teo with his first goldfish!

on sunday, father's day, nick got to sleep in! then we had a small meal and hung out for a while. we went to target and to starbucks to get my dad a starbucks card because that's what he loves. we met up with my parents at bj's pizza! yum! nick and mateo had clam chowder and caesar salad. i had a baked potato. on the way home he said his second father's day wish was to have a clean living room. so we cleaned the living room when we got home. our desks are in the living room and mine is pretty bad since i deal with most of the paper that comes into the house. i'm never quite sure whether to recycle, shred or file some stuff so piles accumulate. anyway, the room is mostly clean and i was working on my desk when i felt a flutter..... i turn to nick to tell him but all i got out is, "hey, babe.... i think...." and i make a funny face. no doubt.... "baby's moving A LOT," i tell nick after a stronger flutter. i posted something about it on facebook and my mom commented that baby must like baked potatoes (what i had for dinner at bj's). i think baby just likes when i eat in general. since then, after every meal i feel baby kicking and punching and getting all crazy! so.... at 15 weeks and 6 days this one is a wiggler! the feelings i had before were most likely baby movements, but they were so soft, like swipes and faint tickles. now there is no doubt! it's not just my pants or how i'm sitting, IT IS OUR BABY!

on monday, one of teo's fish is gasping for air at the surface of the water and swimming sideways. i change the water and added food. still acting funny. finally, i decided to hook up the bubbler that came with our betta fish's tank that we never used there since betta get air from the water's surface. by that point it was too late... poor long-tailed "gold scales" was a goner and the bubbler was just tossing him in a current around the tank. after a lengthy discussion of burial versus flushing, i convinced teo that flushing would be best since it was bed time and we didn't have time to bury the fish right then. nick suggested freezing it overnight, but i felt that was not something i could get on board with. i scooped the fish out in a dixie cup and teo said a teary goodbye to gold scales (the fish's name) just two days after they had met. i dumped it in the toilet and flushed. he popped back out momentarily at the end of the flush and was then gone forever. we're going to have my dad keep an eye out for gold scales while he is out on his boat. the other two fish (named other gold scales and grey scales) look like they'll make it through the week and our betta is looking as good as ever. teo said he would be REALLY sad if the betta died, his name is fishy. 

teo is now vigilantly checking on the fish everyday when we get home. he is such a cutie. i hope he and his new sibling will be best friends. :)

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