Monday, June 27, 2011

17 weeks

i think the belly might pop soon. 

kinda popped, but not totes popped :)

there is not a lot going on this week. i had some mild cramping today but it could have been some #2 working it's way though or it could have been my uterus growing to accomodate the supposed growth spurt that baby should be going through during this time period. i felt some more movement today after work and i have a centering pregnancy appointment this week! that means i get to hear baby's heartbeat and see if my uterus is growing appropriately. i still haven't gained any weight so i want to make sure that baby is at least on track. i have been eating as much as i can without overloading and causing heartburn, even indulging in treats (mmmm... cinnabon...) but my scale still ain't budging. i'm going to ask the midwives about this and also about when i should schedule my mid-pregnancy ultrasound. 

today, i saw an old neighbor walking from the max train and we started chatting on the corner when we saw another lady who is going to go into labor at any second (!) who works at the cup & saucer in our neighborhood. we had one new mom (neighbor), one soon-to-be new mom (waitress @ cup & saucer) and one seasoned-soonish-mom-to-be-again (me). it was pretty cool! we talked about delivering the babies mostly because what mom doesn't like talking about her birth story?????? 

in other news, we lost one more goldfish. we have reason to suspect that gold scales murdered grey scales. the flushing ceremony went much better than it did last time. there were a couple of tears shed, but it was much less prolonged.

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