Monday, June 20, 2011

16 weeks :)

ok, so the last post was from 13 weeks.... here are 14,15 & 16!

14 weeks 
15 weeks

16 weeks
also, TEO LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH!! he's is a big kid now :)
we were having dinner at new seasons after his t-ball game and he had a bite of chicken with a cruchy part and spit it out. before tossing it i said, "let me see your teeth!" and there was one missing so i inspected his spit-out chicken for a tooth and i found one! he immediately relayed the story to the family sitting near us and of course they were completely excited for him! as we walked out of the store, he tried telling anyone we passed by about his tooth. finally, he found a listener in the lady at the checkout stand. she was totally stoked and loved every bit of his little story. fun fact: i lost my first tooth while eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. i thought my tooth was just part of the chunky peanut butter, but it didn't break when i tried to chew it so i spit it out and it was my tooth!

ruthless & toothless
i gotta talk about our weekend too.... tomorrow! goodnight!

ps- sorry about the last two crappy pictures! my good camera ran out of batteries and apparently it does not like rechargeables? i need to figure this out and soon, i paid good money for that sweet baby! :)

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