Wednesday, June 1, 2011

13 weeks

i'm 13 weeks along now and i can say for near certain that this little guy or gal is wiggling away in there! starting on about wednesday of last week (5/25/11), i have been feeling tickling coming from the vicinity of where my child is situated. i didn't feel mateo move until about 18 weeks so we're pretty early here! i think it may just be because i know a little more what to expect and where it would be coming from. 

i'm going to see if nick can take some nicer outdoor belly pics since the weather is (kind of) getting nicer. for now, here are my lovely mirror-in-the-hall-closet pictures (weeks 11-13 in chronological order):

11 weeks (regular pants...)

12 weeks (regular pants....)
13 weeks (jeans with a rubberband through the buttonhole! bam!)

i have also started working on a few baby craft projects, below is baby's first awesome red hat! i have also started a quilty of which i don't have any pictures yet, i need to take some in good daylight! i am working with the speedy baby 2 pattern using fabrics and giant rickrack from bolt and some random stuff from my stash.

first awesome red hat

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