Wednesday, April 27, 2011

baby update!

i think it has been a good three weeks since i updated. first of all, more belly pics of my belly that doesn't seem to be growing much.... i'm sure it will later!

4 weeks, 5 days

5 weeks, 5 days

7 weeks

8 weeks

i think that one day of morning sickness was the worst of it. i still feel nauseated when i don't eat for a while, but for the most part i think i got it easy. i didn't have morning sickness with teo either! other than that i had some spotting between april 14-16 so it was scary, but i didn't have any extreme cramping and it went away and hasn't been back! yay!

we went to see our midwife for the first time last thursday on april 21. she had a lot of good info, the only sort of bad news that she gave me was my pretty crappy odds of a successful vbac. this is because i had a c-section last time due to my pelvis possibly being small or maybe teo's head was just not positioned very well, maybe a little of both. i'm not sure, but she is getting all of my records from my other doctor so she can look over the surgical stuff and my medical history. anyway, she gave me a 50/50 chance of a successful vbac, so i'm a little bummed, but we're going to try it anyway. we also told her about the spotting so she offered us either a blood test for pregnancy hormones over a couple of days to make sure the levels were going up or a viability ultrasound. we picked ultrasound because we are not ultra worried, just in need of reassurance. here is what we saw:

7 weeks, 3 days - 1.2 cm long. the rump is on the right, you can see the last of the tail spike there. the head is on the left :)

he or she was measuring 7 weeks and 3 days, 1.2 cm in length, right on target. we saw a tiny flickering heartbeat, 150 bpm. it was awesome. nick said that he or she looks like a little peanut. totally does! we haven't had any alarming phone calls from the midwife, so we're assuming everything looks great. 

another thing we're doing is looking into hiring a doula. it may increase my chances of a successful vbac so why not? i'm also going to follow some spinning babies exercises so that i can help make sure baby is in a good birthing position from day one.... or... day 56, or whatever.

i have been super hungry but filling up quickly so it's a crazy cycle. i guess it just encourages me to eat a bunch of small meals and not pig out on a couple/few big meals. OH and i do not plan to gain the kind of weight that i did during my last pregnancy (60 WHOPPING POUNDS!) so i'm going to do my best to stick to the lovely vegetarian diet that i started in january. i have been cheating more since i have become pregnant, but it's not a good thing and will only cause more unnecessary weight gain and that will only make for a giant baby and less likelihood of pushing it out like mother nature intended. so far, my weight has been remaining in my pre-pregnancy fluctuation zone. i hope to keep it there until at least the second trimester. i belly is feeling more bloated and my pants are fitting a bit tight but as long as my scale keeps telling me i'm between 146 and 150, i will be happy. 

i think that is all for now. <3

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