Sunday, February 27, 2011

today's adventure

the agenda for today was to eat, find gnomes, play black light mini golf and eat again at chipotle. we did not accomplish all missions, but we did pretty well. first off, we stopped in at our local harbor freight tools to replace the gnomes stolen from our yard. this is where i picked them up originally so i thought that'd be a good place to start. a very kind employee informed me that they would be part of the summer garden stock and that they were expecting that stuff to start coming in tomorrow. so, we'll check back in there another time. back on the MAX!

the next stop was to play black light mini golf at glowing greens. in portland, it's great to have something to do on a cold, rainy day because they are pretty much the norm for a lot of the fall and winter seasons. i was not able to capture very many good shots inside of this place, we're going to have to make do, all right? :)

here's hubby concentrating on his putt-putt golf

an awesome black light set

this is hard to see, but it's a creepy shack porch

teo was very afraid of this skeleton so he had to back into the shot so that he could not see the skeleton. this is the entrance to the golf place on sw taylor and sw 5th (near carl's jr!)

we did make it to chipotle, but we totally forgot to use our awesome coupon. it was delicious either way. 

we had a super time today, i hope you had a great sunday too!

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