Monday, February 21, 2011

soup night

Tonight we had broccoli cheese potato soup that was inspired by a random recipe I found on I made a few modifications: extra potatoes (since a few of the reviewers thought the soup was too thin with only two), a head of broccoli and some extra broth. I didn't have a bay leaf or green onions so I skipped those, but I'd like to add them next time. You can bet your life there will be a next time!

Those are pepper jack, mexican blend and cheddar cheeses.

Teo said that this was the best thing he has even eaten! EVER! And I should make it more often! AND he finished his entire bowl. <3

Nick also loved it, as you can tell. :)

I added a bit of parmesan to mine and the boys thought that it was a good idea so they added some too! On the side, we had Indian Life garlic naan (that we ordered from Spud); oyster crackers and croutons on top. Yum!

The recipe is super easy and comes together pretty quickly (40-45 min?). I made sure to get everything cleaned up very quickly because I can only imagine the struggle if the cheese had a chance to set! I bet it would be just as yummy if you went with vegan cheese.

If you are hankering for a nice warm bowl of soup, I highly recommend you try this recipe. What kind of additions will you make?

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