Monday, February 28, 2011

ode to babies

i'm officially sad today. we're trying to make a baby and it's not happening in a timely fashion at all. tell me to relax and i'll wring your neck! not really. another cycle has ended with the ordinary outcome.

i'm trying to find a positive in this but it's difficult. we've been waiting until we were ready! we moved into a larger apartment, we've been saving money like mad, we've been doing everything that we can control to make this happen, but alas, something is not right.

don't get me wrong. i am so thankful to have one child. he's strong, smart, hilarious, independent, handsome, loving, "and everything," as he would say. i'm just a human animal with a biological clock and my heart aches for another baby.

science says we have 7 more cycles before we are labeled as infertile. i am hoping this does not happen!

ode to babies:

from here

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this guy is mine circa 12/05 :)

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