Friday, February 25, 2011


so, today was a pretty sweet friday. the accounting department was it's usual self, keeping me busy for eight hours daily. i had an amazing veggie and cheese sandwich for lunch from a coffee shop around the corner from my office called monte rossa. i did not catch a pic, but it was super yummy.

i made a kickass tofu stir fry for dinner that the boys were stoked about. i used our favorite teriyaki sauce by soy vay called veri veri teriyaki. it's totes good, everyone should try it. this is what it looked like on a bed of brown rice (yes, i love coffee and spock...):

also, this good looking fella arrived on our door step today. an anonymous nice person sent him to us after hearing that our three front yard garden gnomes were stolen last weekend. we still have one of the set left in the backyard, so this nice gentleman is now chillin' back there with him. isn't he cute? i'll get a yard shot of them tomorrow, the sun was about down by the time i got him to his new lookout post!

in related news, i think we're going to see gnomeo and juliet this weekend, at least if i have anything to do with it! teo was pretty upset that somebody took our gnomes and when i posted the news to facebook, a cousin noted that he saw the movie and might have an idea of where our gnomes might be. i think seeing a fun movie about gnomes in action will be really awesome for my little man and help him (and me!) get over our loss. we're also thinking about black light mini golf! woo hoo!

have a great saturday!

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